Due to the perishable nature of our product, we do not accept returns. There are no refunds or exchanges. Read our refund policy here.



All our macarons are naturally gluten-free, using the highest quality ingredients (with no added preservatives) and handcrafted in small batches to ensure optimal freshness.

For best results, our products should be refrigerated upon arrival and consumed within 3-5 days of delivery. If you will be storing them in a refrigerator, please allow approximately 10 minutes to reach room temperature or 30 minutes if coming from the freezer. 

Alternatively, they can be frozen upon arrival, in an air-tight container for up to 3 weeks.



We do all that we can to make sure that your order is produced to the specification on your order form. If something is not correct (as stated on your order form), we will make necessary changes right away. We do not guarantee color accuracy. Color may vary slightly from photographs shown as our products are made by hand. Decorative finishes are done by hand and are subject to the artistic interpretation of our expert decorators. You may provide us with a photograph for inspiration and duplication; however, we make no claims for exact duplication of the work done by other decorators.



Our preferred metallic paints are non-toxic (will do no harm when ingested) but are not approved by the FDA. We have FDA-approved options upon request (note: these options do not shine like metallics).



Our macarons are handcrafted and made-to-order. Depending on the type of order, we need time make it! 

Type of Order
Production time


2 business days


8 business days

We recommend placing your order early to guarantee on-time arrival.
 Our website is built for advanced order placement. You can select a future fulfillment date at checkout.

Shipping Orders: You will select a date at checkout. This is the date your order will be ready to leave our facility and will be shipped out. The delivery of your package depends on the shipping speed you select at checkout.

Local Orders: You will select a time/date at checkout. This is the time/date your order will be ready for pick-up or delivered. 



Warning: Delicate Product

If we could hand-deliver every order, believe us, we would!

Once the product leaves our facility, we (frustratingly) can't control how it is handled. Due to the delicate nature of French macarons, some breakage can occur in transit. We do everything in our power to ensure that our beautiful macarons are protected and make it to you in the condition we intended. The vast majority of our orders reach our customers with no breakage but macarons are fragile and there are risks.

If you place an order, you agree to the following:

No Guarantees: We do not take responsibility for any damages or delays after the product has left our facility. 
No Refunds: Due to the perishable nature of our products, we do not accept returns or give refunds. 



Due to the perishable nature of our product, we only offer expedited shipping options. All shipping packages are insured by UPS.

WE THE BIRDS does not take liability for any damages after the product has left our facility.  Due to the delicate nature of French macarons, some breakage can occur in transit. We do everything in our power to ensure that your macarons are protected for their journey, but we make no guarantees. We have developed special packaging to perfectly encase the macarons, we use insulated shipping materials, lots of soft bubble wrap and ice packs to keep the macarons fresh. We only offer expedited shipping options to limit the time in transit and handling. AND lastly, we put FRAGILE stickers all over the box! Thankfully, cracked macs still taste delicious!!!

If your macarons arrive in poor condition, you may contact us at to show us pictures. We are always working on our packaging and this feedback is extremely helpful to our product development team. In certain cases, you may be eligible for a replacement (however, we do not accept returns or issue refunds). All of our shipping packages are insured with the carrier. Please email and include a minimum of 7 pictures. We will file a claim with the mail carrier. Our customer care team will determine if you are eligible for a replacement. Please note that we monitor replacement activity for abuse and we reserve the right to limit or decline at our discretion.


WE THE BIRDS does not take liability for any lost packages once tracking information is available. If you have any issues receiving your package once the tracking information is available, please contact the carrier. We have no control over the delivery of the package. (Although we wish we did.) 

WE THE BIRDS does not take liability for any lost packages due to wrong address information provided by the customer.  Customers must enter a complete address at checkout. If you enter the wrong address information during checkout, please email us at immediately.  We will do everything we can to fix the information, however if we have already printed the postage, an additional shipping fee will be necessary to change the address.

Other Shipping Terms:

  • Tracking is provided on all orders once the package has left our facility. 
  • WE THE BIRDS is not liable for shipping delays made by the shipping carrier.
  • Holiday, sales campaigns and inclement weather can impact shipping and delivery times.



Orders may be picked up at WE THE BIRDS' headquarters located at 4101 Bryan St. #160 Dallas, TX 75204.
Local Pick-up is available Monday - Friday (excluding holidays), by appointment only. You can select your desired pick-up date and time during the checkout process.

WE THE BIRDS does not take liability for any damages after the product has left our facility. Once an order has been picked up by you or a designated party it is considered "Accepted". All products are the responsibility of the customer once it leaves our facility.



Orders can be delivered using our courier service for addresses located in the Dallas metroplex. Local Deliveries can be arranged Monday - Friday (excluding holidays). You can select your desired delivery date and morning or afternoon window for Local Delivery during the checkout process.

WE THE BIRDS does not take liability for missed deliveries. We highly recommend that you select a time when someone will be available to accept your Local Delivery package. If our first Delivery Attempt is unsuccessful, our Customer Care Team will reach out to you to schedule a second delivery attempt in a future delivery window. ADDITIONAL CHARGES MAY APPLY.

WE THE BIRDS does not take liability for any lost packages due to wrong address information provided by the customer.